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Food & Fun with Fork & Fire

BBQ Inspired Menu - Tucson Smokehouse & Taproom

Welcome to Fork & Fire, a culinary venture born from the shared passion and culinary expertise of three Midwestern guys —Jason, Josh, and Brent.  United by a love for bringing people together through delicious meals and a penchant for bold, intense flavors, our journey began in the heart of our own kitchens.  Years of honing our skills while cooking for our families and ourselves fostered a deep appreciation for the communal spirit of neighborhood cookouts, where friends and neighbors gather to share good times and even better food.

As we stoked the flames of our culinary creativity, the whimsical musings and dreams of taking our culinary delights to a broader audience began to materialize not too long ago.  Fueled by the desire to showcase the rich and robust flavors born when meat meets heat, Fork & Fire is thrilled to make its way into your neighborhood.  Our focus on crafting dishes that tantalize the taste buds reflects the genuine excitement we feel in bringing Fork & Fire to the Tucson community.  We invite you to savor the fruits of our labor and hope that you find as much joy in indulging in our creations as we find in the art of their making.


The customer service was on point. Very friendly and positive staff. Ashlynn was by far one of the most friendly, upbeat, and caring people that I have had the pleasure of meeting. She is beyond a superstar and definitely is part of what makes this place great.


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